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The brow tinting service is often looked over in many professionals, but it can be one of the most profitable services that can be added to a client visit. The client, who is already there every 4-6 weeks for a waxing, or a facial can have a 10-20 min brow tinting service at the same time.

**Clients have been missing these services and have been forced to learn how to do it at home. But, just like with getting their nails done, clients would much rather have a professional, who knows that they are doing and can see the area, do it for them. **

Once a client is in the room, teach them the time saving and consist benefit to just have the service of semi-permanent dying of their eyebrows. Clients already know the importance of eyebrows to the overall look of the face, since they get them waxed.

Eyebrow tinting is the method of applying semi-permanent tint to enhance, shape, and define brows. This service is a great time-saver for your client. It accentuated the frame of the face and does not require constant filling in the brows every day to develop their look. Tinting is simply coloring of brows to intensify or change the hair color. Many professionals have been doing microblading service, these are great if a client wants something more permanent, but there are many clients that are weary of a look that can last almost as long as tattooed make-up ~ brow tinting is a service for them.

There are many different brow tint companies on the market, but not all are created equal. Over the next couple of weeks two brow tint companies will be highlighted that have had consistent, amazing results that will not only boast you client retention rate, but also the bottom-line. There are some that have kept the name but have sold their formula and it has changed.So, if you have used it in the past, the new product does not have the same results and will disappoint, therefore.

These two formulas that will be focused on are…


RefectoCil Sensitive

Both formulas have been on the market for years and have an incredible professional base.Both formulas are adaptable, customizable, and most importantly effective.Afterall if your client can see the instant benefits, it builds trust and most significantly a loyal client.

Join me for then next couple of weeks exploring these two great formulas of brow tinting and learning how they can increase the repertoire of the facility’s menu of services.

Your clients deserve the best!

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