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What can you do as a professional to create the best possible waxing experience for your client? EDUCATION.  Going in for a waxing procedure can be intimidating if you don't know how to prep. A proper waxing service is more than just the waxing in the room.  It starts with skin preparation between wax services. Before the waxing appointment, prepare the skin so the procedure goes smoothly and without irritation. Some preparations need to be made days or even weeks before the appointment. Teach clients to prepare for the waxing appointment at least a month in advance so the skin is healthy and ready.

Berodin Body Exfoliating
Pre wax- Let your client know to exfoliate skin before the appointment. Exfoliate in the shower to remove dead skin and lift trapped hair. Exfoliating will reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs after the appointment. Using a exfoliating gloves, rub an exfoliating cream in circular motions around the area you want waxed. Rub softly. Pressing too hard can irritate your skin. Don't exfoliate your legs the same day you plan to wax them. Exfoliate several days before to prevent itching and redness.

Berodin Post Wax Soothing CreamPost wax – Try to avoid heat; no sunbathing, hot tubs, or saunas for at least 48 hours. Apply Post Wax Soothing cream to cool the wax area.  Cold compresses will also reduce the redness and irritation following your treatment.

Berodin Clear It Blemish Control
If your skin is sensitive, body waxing may result in minor breakouts. Waxing causes the temporary enlargement of the hair follicles that can allow bacteria residing on the skin, to enter the enlarged follicles and cause skin infections.

Berodin Post Wax Essential OilBerodin teaches the WAX ON. WAX OFF method. Caring for the skin is key to a successful wax service. Prior to waxing, cleanse and prepare the skin of your client to ensure that the wax adheres to the hair only, leaving the skin untouched. The products protect, calm and soothe normal skin reactions from waxing. And the best part? One application is all that is needed.  The care for the client does not stop there. Once the hair is gone, pamper the client with a gentle massage with one of the after waxing gels. Not only will it leave the client feeling relaxed and refreshed, it will leave their skin that much smoother.  For the very best service, use Berodin before and after.

Your clients deserve the best!

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