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Blue Pearl Wax

Blue Pearl Wax Crystal Lagoon is a soft wax fusion presenting the mildness of a cream wax and easy application of a gel. This advanced formula can be heated at a low temp, then applied and removed swiftly for a prompt service. Distinct from other soft waxes, this formula is mild on the skin, will not dry or become brittle as it sets. It creates smooth skin free of fine hair, leaving behind no tacky residue.

Blue Pearl Wax Crystal LagoonCrystal Lagoon Soft Strip Wax 14oz

• For body hair removal & Low melting wax

• Makes skin smooth & Hypoallergenic

• Formulated with enhanced minerals and emollients to soften hair for less breakage

• Recommended for dehydrated skin

• This all-purpose wax can used on all parts on the body

• Can be used on coarse, thick, and curly hair and on all types of skin

Sometimes clients follow the pre wax instructions at home, but a professional will want to confirm that the skin is clean of oils and perspiration or creams. The client’s skin should be a fresh canvas, equipped to take the wax and release the hair.

Tahitian SolutionTahitian Solution Pre Wax Solution 250 ml (8oz)

Clean & refresh the skin for waxing.

Apply prior to waxing

Prepare the skin for proper waxing.

Prevents irritation and redness from waxing.

After the treatment, the professional needs the client to leave feeling pampered, with radiant, soft skin. To minimize any chances of breakout or ingrown hairs and create a pleasant memory of the experience treat the skin to repair from the trauma of waxing. The post wax product, Opal Oil is designed to do all of that- return the proper moisture balance and also calm and soothe the skin.

Opal OilOpal Oil Post Wax Solution 250 ml (8oz)

Moisturize & nourish the skin after waxing.

Apply after waxing

Great for all skin types. Leaves skin feeling silky and smooth.

After Waxing

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. The tug when eliminating the wax may cause more discomfort and leave the skin agitated. Drink water; if the client does not drink enough water, the skin is the first to show it.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. A consistent routine of exfoliation is essential. The only exception to this rule is on the day of the waxing treatment.Do not exfoliate the area to be waxed the day of the waxing appointment.

The Magic Scrub

The Magic Scrub Exfoliating Cloth

This incredible cloth comes in three sizes and gets in every nook and cranny.

Your clients deserve the best!

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