Blue Pearl Wax

Sugaring Sugar WaxSugaring Paste used for removing hair from the body and face. The hair must be grown out for the sugar to remove it. Sugar paste can be used with a strip of cloth to remove it. However, this sugar is designed specifically for the strip-less method or 'flick method' which we like to call it. The paste is meant to only be slightly warmed prior to use (10 seconds in a microwave--varies by microwave and sugar type).

         ·All-Natural IngredientsSugar Wax Sugaring

         ·Safe for All Skin Types

         ·Works to Remove Hair on Body and Face

         ·Easy to Use

This works best for hot spots of the body. If someone is mainly using the sugar for bikini and brazilians, this would be the one to use because it will keep its firmness even on clients who get really hot and sweaty during the service. I always recommend this one for people who are first learning the sugaring technique because it won’t melt as easy.It goes on smoothly and have more usage out of each ball of sugar. It grabs the hair and works well on face. It's faster using it on large body areas like legs and back. It is just an amazing sugar. This sugar is just so perfect!

Sugar Wax Sugaring


Warm tub of sugar for 5-10 seconds in microwave. Scoop a ball of sugar out of tub. Apply the ball of sugar with fingertips against the hair growth. Let the sugar soak in for a few seconds before removing. Remove the sugar in a quick flick technique from the skin and the hair will pull out at the same time. Then re-apply the same piece of sugar to the next section. Keep using the same ball of sugar until it is no longer picking up the hair.

Sugar Wax Sugaring


Water, Lemon Juice, Sugar (The secret is in the "cooking" method we use that has resulted in excellent reviews.)

Safety Warning:

Do Not Over Heat! Sugaring is not like waxing. The product should be just a bit warmed, so it makes it easier to remove a ball from the tub. More than 10 seconds in a microwave could result in burns. Sugar also retains heat for a long time, so once it is warmed it will stay warmed. If you accidentally overheat it, put it in the freezer to cool down before using.

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