Enhance Your Wow Factor ~ Glitter Wax Creations

Sparkle & Smooth: Glitter Wax Creations for Any Wax or Mask  

Glitter Wax Creations is a specialty glitter blends that are safe to use in any wax type or brand as well as any jelly mask. Glitter Wax Creations was crafted by The Mermaid Esty, who is a licensed Esthetician specializing in waxing. These custom mixes will not harm the wax or clients.  

Glitter Wax Creations was produced to make the waxing experience a lot more fun for waxers and clients by making any simple wax striking and sparkling. Using Glitter Wax Creations will attract new clients & followers online & create fun eye-catching content for social media. This content "gold" is great for your social media to grow your brand and services while permitting clients to establish a customizable experience with glitter colors.   

Clients love to see the wax prior to the service and results from the removed strips. Glitter Wax Creations is here to make the wax & Jelly mask look 10 times prettier (and sparklier). The glitter blends may look different in various types and colors of wax.   

Glitter blends are made from precision-cut Holographic Polyester film particles that give each particle a rainbow reflective sparkle and shine. This glitter can be safely used in any body wax brand, jelly body masks, as well as nail lacquer and gel acrylics. Add as much or little as you like to achieve the desired look, but there is always room for more sparkles.   

The formulation will not alter the wax, bleed or cause any scratching or irritation to your client. These blends are specifically made to be safe for the client. Since the glitter stays suspended in the wax, jelly mask, or any other product, no skin sensitivities or reactions are an issue. Add some shine to the waxing service with Glitter Wax Creations.   

Glitter Wax Creations are made in the USA!