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Wrinkles Schminkles, loves innovation.

It’s a pleasure to bring wrinkle treatments that work – so can say ‘Schminkles’ to pesky wrinkles. Wrinkles Schminkles range of skin care treatments are easy to use, affordable and leave you looking fresh and feeling confident – ready to face each new day in simple style.

The 3-step complementary, age-defying range of wrinkle-relieving skin care, treats chest, neck, décolleté, décolletage and facial wrinkles. And best of all, it happens while sleeping.

When people talk about this product range, the words ‘natural wrinkle treatment’ have been known to pop up. That’s because the wrinkle-relieving Silicone Pads are non-invasive hurt a bit).

Peel. Stick. Sleep. Wash. Glow.

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It works – here’s how

Sometimes, the simple things in life really are the best.

Once you use our Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Pads, you’ll experience the instant gratification of wrinkle-relieving renewal of your chest, décolleté, neck, décolletage and face – right before your eyes.

Why it works

1.         No creases = no wrinkles. When you apply our Silicone Pads, your skin cannot crease to cause wrinkles. The pads (approximately 2mm thick) are kept in place – comfortably and securely – using the convenience of adhesive silicone. It’s that simple. 

2.         Silicone creates moisture. Doctors use silicone sheets to prevent and treat the appearance of existing scars. Our Silicone Pads work the same way - treating the skin to hydrate and smooth wrinkles. 

3.         Increased blood flow can stimulate collagen. The placement of the 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pad on your skin brings blood flow to the surface, which can help to stimulate collagen - visibly softening wrinkles while you sleep.


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