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Blue Pearl Wax Ocean TideWith the talents of our professionals and instructors, Blue Pearl Wax has developed exceptional products and have incredible waxing techniques. As a result, now both women and men can benefit from effective waxing treatments providing immaculate lasting results and a service so mild, painful waxing is minimized. As for estheticians, Blue Pearl Wax can not only assist them to wax quicker and more efficiently but aid them entice new clients who were not pleased by other depilation approaches, and keep those clients returning to them repeatedly.

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Blue Pearl Wax SensitiveBlue Pearl Wax has all the wax needs for any beauty facility.

Sugar Wax for Sugaring

Hard Wax (Strip-less)

Standard Beads

Sensitive Beads

Men's Abyss

Soft Wax (Strip)

Paraffin Wax

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Blue Pearl Wax Sugar

Modern advancements, distinctive low temperature formulas, and central pre- and post- depilatory care, Blue Pearl Wax has become a leader!
Blue Pearl Wax KitsBlue Pearl Wax Paraffin
Blue Pearl Wax preserves the integrity of skin.
• It is a trusted name in professional wax products
• The wax formulas are specialized to be effective for your client’s individual needs.
• Easy to use, quick set up and gentle hair removal system.
• Superior anti-irritant ingredients to ensure less inflammation.
• Exceptional topical skin care for numbing, ingrown hair protection and body exfoliation scrubs.

Complete with wax kits and disposables, Blue Pearl Wax has everything for a professional from just out of school to veterans in the industry. Whether it’s our classic formulated wax or our sophisticated skin care products, Blue Pearl Wax is trusted by professionals worldwide.

Your clients deserve the best!

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